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    Workshop on Health, Healing & Reduction of Karma (Two DVDs)

    Price:  $38.00

    Includes A Planetary (Navagraha) Puja

    2 DVD Set - NTSC - All Regions

    Everything in our lives is karma: relationships, job, family, income levels, health—everything. This four-hour video workshop explains how our karma rules the conditions of life and teaches mantras for people to practice and improve every aspect of life. Watch this class again and again to deepen your understanding of how karma works and how mantra can soften even the most difficult problems.

    For the first time, a complete 1,000 Names of the Planets puja ceremony (Navagraha Puja) is offered by a Western Vedic Priest, trained in the ancient Eastern rites since 1973. The Navagraha Puja reduces planetary karma and brings relief for difficult planetary alignments and transits. Powerful vibrations of peace will replace negative vibrations that may be around you.

    This program comes with an insert detailing all of the mantras used in group chanting, so that you can chant along with the DVD if you wish.



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