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    Mantra Therapy for Restoration of Dharma and World Peace

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    This CD will clear your space and drive out negative entities bothering you within and without.  You can play the CD while you are home or while you are out to clear your space and make it peaceful.  You can chant the mantra discipline to remove negative entities bothering you.
    You can also do the 40-day discipline with it for its macro purpose to use sacred sound to help restore dharma and establish world peace. The world is suffering from the abuses of the merchant class (bankers and greedy, large corporations who are selling products that harm their customers without caring that they are causing illnesses and allergies and poisoning the food, water and air, so long as they make lots of money.  The greedy one-percenters are scooping up all the world's resources for themselves.)  Collectively, with many people chanting these mantras either in a chanting group or at home, we can change the near-surround to make it unfavorable for those abusing others to do it and get away with it.  Simultaneously, we will be making the environment support spiritual people, including ourselves.
    For the macro purpose of this program, work is done on the accumulated karmic latencies and tendencies of the human race. You are working with the mass karma of humanity. The vibrations of these ancient mantra formulas work through our chakras to increase the flow of beneficial energy throughout the subtle body and into the collective unconscious where mass karmic latencies and tendencies are stored.
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