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    Dakshina — Deva Premal

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    Dakshina is a Sanskrit word meaning "Offering in gratitude to the Guru." Deva Premal’s vision for this beautiful album is to honour ‘the inner guru’ in all its multi-dimensional aspects, and to show her deep respect for the essence of all spiritual paths.
    She sings in praise of Lord Krishna; of Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of music; of Padmasambhava of Tibet;  of Lord Shiva, the destroyer of illusions; of Siri Guru Granth Sahib from the sacred writings of the Sikhs...and many more.
    "Deva Premal continues to entrance listeners with her rich, velvety voice on Dakshina, another album of intensely beautiful mantras and chants from the popular songstress. Staying true to form, each track seems to literally flow into the next, as Premal's voice is bathed in a mystical atmosphere of harmonium, light tabla beats, synthesizer ambiance, and other regional instruments.
    "The album is both ethereal and warmly serene (it's not surprising that she's been referrred to as the 'Enya of Mantra'), and coupled with the repetitive and meditative nature of Premal's chants, it has an amazingly hypnotic effect."
    Music Design In Review, May/June 2005

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