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    Stories and Legends of India (Download)

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    Namadeva Acharya tells thirteen stories — seven of his own original stories and six traditional stories—and leads you in chanting mantras and singing kirtan related to them.

    The original stories include:

    1. The Teacher Who Takes a Trip
    2. The Thief Who Stole a Robe
    3. Ganges Barber
    4. I'm Here to Help
    5. The Best Masala Dosas
    6. Pada Puja
    7. Priestly Ambitions

    The traditional stories include:

    1. Bhakta Prahalad: "Did I Have to be Born Here?"
    2. Rama and Sita Meet
    3. Krishna and the Symantica Gem
    4. Markandeya's Sixteenth Birthday
    5. Parvati Takes a Bath — The Birth of Ganesha
    6. The Demon Who Danced With Shiva

    In the download, you will receive a booklet with the mantras and bhajans included in the workshop.

    NOTE: The file for this downloadable product is nearly 600 MB in size, Even with a high speed connection to the internet, it will take some time to download this product. Do not purchase this downloadable product if you have a dial-up connection to the internet, or if the computer or other device you are using doesn't have sufficient storage space to accommodate a 600 MB file.


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