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    The Adventures of Sita & Rama (Co-Starring Hanuman) (Download)

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    Several thousand years ago, the Seventh Avatar of Vishnu arrived on Earth to restore divine order by defeating two demons repressing saints, sages and the general population. Rama and Sita, representing the Divine Self and the Pure Kundalini Shakti, manifested to defeat evil ones and show the way for individuals to live a truly spiritual life while living in the world. The allegorical lives of Sita and Rama, with Divine Servant Hanuman, are filled with adventure, mystical mantras, and dramatic struggle. This workshop describes the setting-up of Rama's appearance that occurred thousands of years before his arrival and then convey the adventures of these Divine Ones.

    This 16-CD set includes the entire three-day workshop, written and taught by Namadeva Acharya.

    NOTE: The file for this downloadable product is just under 700 MB in size, Even with a high speed connection to the internet, it will take some time to download this product. Do not purchase this downloadable product if you have a dial-up connection to the internet, or if the computer or other device you are using doesn't have sufficient storage space to accommodate a 700 MB file.


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