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    Puja in Absentia

    Price:  $175.00


    Performed by Certified Priest of Sanatana Dharma Satsang

    Benefits flow to the person who sponsors or is the object of the ancient spiritual rite.

    Pujas done for someone in another part of the world are common in India. They are done for health reasons, employment opportunities, business matters, family concerns, and marital problems just to name a few.


    The sponsoring party makes arrangements for the Puja in Absentia by contacting Saraswati Publications, LLC, through this order page on the website. Once payment is made, the person is contacted by a certified priest of Sanatana Dharma Satsang to schedule a time for the puja and determine what kind of ceremony is desired. At the scheduled time, the puja is performed in the classical Shodashopa (16 forms) method. If possible, the sponsor or person for whom the puja or yagna is being done sits quietly or meditates during that time wherever they are. Except for the longer ceremonies described below, the ceremony usually takes approximately one hour.
    The cost is $175.00 for a regular puja and $225.00 for a fire ceremony (yagna) and all pujas longer than two hours listed on the Descriptions page linked below, under the section entitled Gender Neutral.
    Payment, either by check or money order to the address given on the print out order sheet or by online payment, must be made prior to scheduling the ceremony.
    Click here for descriptions of the different ceremonies.
    Click here for background information on these Vedic Ceremonies.



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