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    Teacher of Mantra Program

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    After many requests, we have prepared the equivalent of a college level course in mantra. This course has two objectives: (1) A comprehensive course for those interested in the subject, and, (2) A course that would prepare one to become a teacher of mantra, teaching methods for solving problems that we encounter in life. The Teacher of Mantra Program is designed to meet both of those objectives.
    1. First, the program goes into some historical, cultural and scriptural background to place the study of mantra into a context. There are several classifications of scripture in Hinduism, and there are different branches of that faith that are quite different from one another. Divisions also occur in Buddhism with its branches and philosophic approaches. Yet for those branches of both religions that practice mantra, the assumptions about the power and technology of mantra practice are the same.
    2. Second, this project is a comprehensive course in mantra from a practical point of view. The material contained in this course is intended to prepare you to teach mantras to those who may need them for one or more of a variety of problems and/or issues that we commonly face in life.
    The great majority of problems we encounter on our journey in life can be aided by the chanting of one or more of a small cadre of mantras. This is because the most common problems you will encounter fall into one of the following categories:
    • Prosperity/abundance issues
    • Relationship matters
    • Health and emotional problems and difficulties
    • Job-related issues
    There are mantras and mantra combinations that cover each of these problems in various chapters. Some of the mantras are found in the chapter on planets, and others are found in chapters pertaining to healing, the Great Feminine and other sections.
    There are also other categories of problems that are fairly common but are not so easily addressed:
    • Eating issues - Overeating and Undereating.
    • Deeply Embedded Habits - Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Smoking,
    • Sexual Abuse
    3. Third, this program is your introduction to the Mantra Instructor community within Sanatana Dharma Satsang. You will have the support and friendship of the other students and the Certified Mantra Instructors as you study.
    The course also includes admission to the closed Mantra Teacher Yahoo Group, which works as internet-based messaging where students and certified instructors may share questions and/or experiences with mantra.

    The Manual

    The mode of presentation of materials in the Instruction Manual is largely in an expanded outline format. The emphasis is on the material not the style of presentation. We want to make both study and review easy for you.
    It is also our position that you should gather as many resources in the field as possible to make yourself a good teacher. Naturally, we feel that the books, CDs and DVDs of Thomas Ashley-Farrand (Namadeva) are the best supplemental materials you will find to prepare you for both certification and teaching. However, there are also other materials by other teachers that may be useful for you. For those of you who pursue certification through the examination process, please know that it will focus exclusively on the material in this manual and the accompanying CDs.


    Because there is significant interest in this program over a wide geographic area, the training program is offered as a distance-learning module. The Certification Examination consists of both an oral and a written examination. Testing must take place in person, though, when necessary, arrangements will be made for videophone testing for those outside the US. So, you may study on your own until you think you are ready for the certification exam. It can be two months or two years. It does not matter how much time elapses between purchase of the course and purchase of the certification examination. The value of certification lies in an appointment as a minister by Sanatana Dharma Satsang, a religious non-profit corporation. This status will enable those certified to legally counsel people and in most states to perform marriages. (Some counties will require pre-registration with the local (usually county) clerk.)
    A word about the examination process. A Dharma Satsang Certified Instructor will personally administer an examination that will be in two parts. Part I is a comprehensive written examination administered in person and proctored by approved staff. A score of 85% will be required for certification. Part II will be an oral exam personally administered, one-on-one, by a Sanatana Dharma Satsang Certified Instructor. A passing score of 85% will also be required here for certification. Trainees may take the certification exam as many times as they desire. The cost of the examination is $250.
    This program is directed toward those who want to be examined and certified by Sanatana Dharma Satsang. Nevertheless, there are some of you who simply want the knowledge and have little interest in certification. We have, therefore, made the training and the certification process two separate items, each with its own cost.

    Wholesale Purchases

    If you take the training and become subsequently certified, you will be eligible to purchase all of the items produced by Saraswati Publications, LLC, at wholesale prices. We make this offer with the understanding that you may be working for yourself teaching yoga or other income producing activities. The ability to sell Saraswati Publications, LLC, items at a profit will provide an additional income stream for you. However, all students will be permitted to purchase one of any or all of the products offered by Saraswati Publications, LLC, at the wholesale price to assist in their study and preparation for certification.

    Personal time with the Instructor

    We want you to succeed in both your studies with us and in your teaching career. To aid your ultimate success, personal telephone consultation is offered as part of the training course. During the first six months, each person taking the course will have available 60 minutes of one-on-one phone time, recorded in 15 - minute blocks. This means that you will have four such blocks available for you. We recommend that callers have a specific agenda for each call-in session. You may want to discuss potential problems or issues and how to approach them through mantra, or you may simply want to ask general questions about the course material.
    Upon certification, each graduate will have an additional 60 minutes of personal consultation time in ten-minute blocks. Instructors may ask guidance on ongoing issues they have encountered from those seeking their counsel as teachers.

    Chanting Groups

    You may find it useful to establish chanting groups in your area. The group can serve as reinforced power for the attendees, and a problem-solving resource for members.

    Materials Included With The Course

    Here is what you will get as part of this training:
    1. The Teacher of Mantra Instructor Manual, over 460 pages in length.
    2. The entire Teacher of Mantra Instructor Manual on seventeen CDs for audio study and review.
    3. A Mantra Summary Manual that lists all of the mantras in the course and their application.
    4. All mantras in Mantra Summary Manual are recorded on a separate set of 5 CDs.
    5. The fifteen-hour workshop on fourteen CDs, Mantra - A Path to Spiritual and Material Attainment
    6. One-on-one phone time with Satyabhama.
    7. Mantra Therapy 2-CD set for Systemic Disorders and Mental/Emotional Distress.
    8. The 2-CD set, Gayatri Mantra Meditations.
    9. Mantra Therapy CD for Restoration of Dharma and World Peace.
    10. Mantra Therapy CD for Prosperity.
    11. Dr Wrights Cleaning Out Technique CD.
    12. Mantras of The Goddess CD.
    13. Health, Healing and Reduction of Karma, a 2-DVD (four-hour) workshop.
    14. A copy of ALL new Mantra Therapy Programs as they are completed for no additional charge. They will simply be shipped to you as they are completed. For instance, Mantra Therapy for Recovery from Sexual Abuse and/or Negative Attitudes About Sex is planned for sometime in the next year.

    Cost Of The Course

    The entire course cost is $1,008. We accept credit cards, online only, and checks through U.S Mail, UPS, or FedEx. If you wish to pay over time to secure the course, either send us an initial check for $250 or to pay in credit card installments, email and we will set up an account here for you. When the course is paid for, we will ship it to you.
    There may be some people who wish to purchase the course who already have some of the included items. We cannot discount the course or substitute any other items. This creates huge bookkeeping requirements we choose not to undertake. Some have seen the materials included with the course tell us they plan to resell or give away duplicate items.
    To order the Instructor In Mantra Course, go to online store and make your purchase, just as you would for any item.


    The weight of the course is nine pounds and it is shipped via US Priority mail or Priority Mail International. You will be asked to select the appropriate shipping charge when you add this item to your shopping basket. The shipping charge will show up as a separate item in the shopping basket.
    If you have any questions not covered by this overview, you can email us at We can also be reached by U.S. mail at:
    Saraswati Publications, LLC
    3300 NW 185th Avenue, #92
    Portland, OR 97229-3406


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