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    Pujari Course

    Price:   $450.00 $500.00

    Benefits flow to the person who sponsors or is the object of the ancient spiritual rites. Pujas done for someone in another part of the world are common in India. They are done for health reasons, prosperity employment opportunities, business matters, family concerns, and marital problems just to name a few.  They are also done to speed one's path to enlightenment.

    Chanting the sukta and mantras with the individual offerings raises the shakti power in the pujari and in the attendees.  Karma is ameliorated by this process.
    Course Materials

    You will receive all three Ancient Power of Sanskrit Mantra and Ceremony (3rd Ed.) books, all three companion CD sets for the Ancient Power series, and both the Puja at Home and the Workshop on Health, Healing & Reduction of Karma DVDs.

    There may be some people who wish to purchase the course who already have some of the included items. You will receive the new edition of the Ancient Power volumes. We cannot discount the course or substitute any other items. This creates huge bookkeeping requirements we choose not to undertake.

    Additionally, you will have two 15-minute telephone consults with Satyabhama to answer any of your questions about pujas.



    The first two volumes of the Ancient Power books have a wealth of information about Gurus, Devas and Devis, Avatars and practices, both Hindu and Buddhist.  There are hymns, shlokas and astottaras for pujas.  There are also more complicated mantras.  In order to be a good Pujari, you will need to have a good background in Eastern Studies.  Therefore, you will need to steep yourself in this information and be ready to write essays on several of the topics in the books.
    While a Learning Puja class is required, the course is largely self-study.  The student should first listen repeatedly to Namadeva Acharya's recordings and master the pronunciation and cadence.

    Once you can chant easily with Namadeva, then begin your study of the pujas in Vol. III.  Practice doing the five pujas on the Puja At Home DVD with Namadeva Acharya and Satyabhama, while reading from Vol. III.  Puja mastery is the ability to chant competently, while offering water, rice, fire and other items.

    Click here for more information about the Learning Puja Ceremonies class, taught by Rev. Bharata (Bill) Barry.


    Testing and Certification

    The fee to be paid to Sanatana Dharma Satsang for the test is $250.
    The first part of the test will be writing essays on several of the topics in Volumes I and II.
    The Pujari Test will require you to have memorized the Purusha Suktam.  Bharata has made a slowed-down version of Namadeva chanting it and makes it available in his class.  The person doing the testing will ask you to perform a puja of your choosing, after which s/he will choose another puja for you to do.  It will not be one of the special, long pujas.

    If you can do both pujas correctly and smoothly, you will be certified as a Pujari by Sanatana Dharma Satsang, Inc.  You will find more information about Sanatana Dharma Satsang and our guru lineage at

    Sanatana Dharma Satsang is a religious corporation, so certification gives you the legal status of a minister  and all the protections thereof.
    International Shipping Issue

    For international shipping other than Canada, the shipping module charges more than necessary.  Due to programming complications, it will work better to pay for the large box at the price charged and email Rev. Satyabhama for a refund of the excess postage.

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