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    Mantra: Sacred Words of Power

    Price:  $65.00

    A Six-CD, Nine-Hour Introductory Course on Sanskrit Mantra

    On Mantra: Sacred Words of Power, Namadeva Acharya (Thomas Ashley-Farrand) offers you the most thorough learning course on the practice of mantra available anywhere. You will begin by learning the theoretical and spiritual origins of mantra practice, their effects on your body's energy centers, and how these sacred sounds can encourge very real changes in both your inner and outer worlds. You will then learn dozens of specific mantras to clear your mind, dispel fear, break unhealthy habits, enhance your creativity, and intensify any meditation practice. Namadeva also includes a wealth of traditional mantras that are said to remove hidden obstacles, attract abundance and love, and draw in prana, the essential energy of the universe.



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