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India Workshops


28, 29, 30 September 2018


5, 6, 7 October 2018


Satyabhama Ashley-Farrand

In the lineage of Sadguru Sant Keshavadas and Satguru Rama Mata, founders of Vishwa Shanti Ashrama near Bengaluru,
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Satyabhama Ashley-Farrand will be presenting Namadeva Acharya /Thomas Ashley-Farrand's



Ganesha's Abode of Bliss CD cover


FEE: Rs 11001 for entire workshop and puja by donation

DATE:   28, 29, 30 September, 2018 

LOCATION:  Bengaluru, Karnataka, India     

Friday: Ganesha Siddhi Vinayaka Puja 7-10 pm 

This puja helps one remove obstacles in life, and attain siddhis (or spiritual powers) and buddhi (wisdom).

Saturday, and Sunday: 10 am  - 6 pm (1 hour lunch break)

Learn Esoteric mantras of Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and bestower of Grace.

Friday evening:

The SiddhiVinayaka Puja is an esoteric puja of great power. Siddhi Vinayaka is the incarnation of Ganesha who protects us in the Dark Age (Kili Yuga) for the next approx. 427,000 years. The puja worships Ganesha through the 4 directions, jewels, weapons and other things, including panchamrita (the 5 nectars from the cow, representing various kinds of abundance.)

Saturday and Sunday

For the advanced sages and mystics, Ganesha takes on epic proportions.  He is the entire universe contained in a single form. He is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva unified into one figure. In some of the Puranic scriptures, he is an aspect of Krishna as Parvati's older brother. When Brahma can't create the universe, Ganesha comes to his aid. When Vishnu is asked to destroy demons, it is Ganesha who shows him how to accomplish the task. In us, he sits at the base of the spine where every energy channel in the subtle body is connected to his location there.
Stories will be told of Ganesha's 8 Great Incarnations.  In those incarnations, he came to kill a demon or demons that were ravishing both the Celestials and the humans.  The stories of his parentage and his abilities in each incarnation differ from one incarnation to another.  Each of the major demons are personifications of specific human sins:  Anger, Lust, Greed, Arrogance, etc.  In the State of Maharashtra, India, there are 8 different temples to Ganesha, one for each of these different incarnations.  Our India Pilgrimages in 2007 and 2009 visited them, and all present can attest that the energy of each temple was quite distinctly different from the other temples. The India Pilgrimage in May 2016 will visit them again, along with many Goddess temples. 
Because Ganesha's chakra is near the kundalini, this workshop invokes lots of shakti!
Here is a sampling of what kinds of mantras attendees will learn:
  •   To stop someone trying to do harm to you
  •   For immediate assistance in some matter
  •   To bring things around you under control (as long as it concerns you)
  •   To tune into angels, the prophets, and beings in higher realms
  •   To remove energy blockages
  •   To bring healing to a group
  •   To bring success to your endeavors in this time of spiritual winter
  •   To realize that all this is a divine drama
  •   To fix some situation that is not working properly or is corrupt
  •   To become empowered to work with color and perform Color Therapy
   ... and much more
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The Shakti (Power) of Success,
Abundance, Royalty, and Realization



DATE: Friday, 5 October 2018   

Lakshmi Puja, emphasizing abundance

DATE: Sat and Sun, 6 and 7 October,10:00 am to 6:00 pm 

Lakshmi Workshop

Fees: Full workshop fee Rs 11001, puja by donation

Details of Workshop

The ancient rishis of eons past and present-day sages worship the Great Feminine. It is She who powers and empowers everything and everyone. There is no dispute about this among all the diverse Eastern paths to spiritual and material attainment.
Today, we seek to improve our lives in every way. Why not go directly to the source of all improvement? Whether it is spiritual or material abundance, success in running our lives or a corporation, protection of ourselves or loved ones, healing though elimination of obstructing agents, or realization of the Supreme Truth, Lakshmi mantras present an easy, expeditious, pleasant and effulgently fulfilling way to achieve whatever end we have in mind.
In the Lakshmi Tantra, Lakshmi teaches us in the first person. There she makes an amazing statement: "When you look out at the world, it is really me looking at myself through your eyes. So why not identify with me and become . . . everything?"
Attendees will learn:
  •     A variety of known and esoteric Lakshmi mantras for every aspect of our life, including prosperity and wealth, for gaining children and protection of them, enough food to eat, development of courage, the power of victory over the problems of life, and more.
  •     Mantra for invoking each of the eight aspects of Lakshmi.
  •     A Lakshmi Mantra used by the great Brahma Rishi Vashista.
  •     Mantra for the companions of Lakshmi.
  •     Sudarshana Chakra mantras found in the Lakshmi Tantra.
  •     Lakshmi Mantras for knowledge and invoking the power of Cosmic Mind.
  •     A unique Maha Lakshmi Spiritual Discipline that can bestow Spiritual Realization.
Attendees will receive CD and a detailed handout of all mantras taught.
PLEASE PRE-REGISTER to Anuradha Shukla at

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