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    Mantra Meditation for Physical Health

    Price:  $15.00

    Strengthen Your Physical and Energetic Health
    with Mantra Sound Healing

    Your physical body is animated by life energy. And, according to India's science of sound healing, you can gather and direct that healing life force through the power of sacred sound. With Mantra Meditation for Physical Healing, Thomas Ashley-Farrand--one of the most acclaimed teachers of mantra in the West--guides you syllable by syllable into a rich 40-day program of mantras to strengthen your natural healing potential.

    Now, through clear guided instruction, you will begin to learn how to voice 21 authentic mantras to fortify your health, address specific forms of illness, clear energy blockages, and draw in prana, the vital life force of the universe. This CD includes a special meditation practice to guide you to the most effective mantra for your specific health concerns, as well as a printed reference guide.



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