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    Nine Planets Malas (8mm)

    Price:  $40.00

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    Using certain malas for your practice will enhance the effectiveness of your practice.  Beads made from the tulasi (holy basil) bush are use for Narayana-Vishnu-Avartars, Lakshmi, Sita, Rukmini mantras.  Beads made from Rudraksha seeds are used in Shaivite mantras.  Crystal and gem beads are always good for Devi mantras.  Certain beads are good for mantras to alleviate karma in your birth and progressed astrological charts, whether Western or Jyotish/Vedic.

    Nine planets malas are made from pearls and stones for each of the nine Jyotish (Indian astrology) planets.  They are used to chant the mantras of these nine planets, which are the sun, the moon and five different planets plus the north and south nodes of the moon.  Each of them, except the north and south nodes, rule over the different parts of the body. The precious stones used are ruby, pearl, jade, and yellow sapphire.

    These beads are less expensive alternates.

    Note: You can save money on shipping! Buy up to four sets of malas and pay the same shipping charge as for just one!


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